Our Services:

Experience dictates, if a business continues to deliver quality, professional service with integrity and fair pricing, customers not only return for future projects, they also tell their friends and family! At Rhino Construction & Remodeling, referrals are our lifeblood. We offer exceptional value and dicounts to referring customers. Rhino staff are highly trained and competent, participating in continuing education quarterly, to set our company apart from competitors in the field. In an arena that is constantly changing and evolving, we make it a point to stay ahead of the curve, paying special attention to rules, regulations code changes, etc.


Here are the services we offer:

Ttrust the Rhino to always build "per code", so that there are no delays in any needed inspections. We get you get back to life as usual and as quickly as possible. Rhino crews are always current and up to date with regard to certifications and training. Contractors / helpers maintain and regularly exceed industry standards.

Kitchen Remodels

What is your idea of a perfect kitchen? Let's collaborate and find something that matches you style and performance expectations for years to come.

Bathroom Remodels

Style meets functionality. We've heard our customers say they feel as if they're in someone elses home. The transformations are that profound!. All of Rhino remodels, bathrooms include a special touch from the owner himself. Want that bidet, tub or shower replaced, or installed? How about some highly functional storage space that adds to your home's personality?
When it comes right down to it, there isn't a bathroom you envision, that we can't create. Call us and let's talk it through.

Interior Remodeling

Whether it's to consolodate, save space, or just become more efficient and orderly, our intrerior remodels impress. From cabinets, flooring, lighting, molding and accents that are sure to wow even the most finiky guest guests, to custom woodwork, we do it all.

Exterior Remodeling

Your home's exterior should tell a story. After we hear yours, we'll make it a reality. We'll work with time tested durable materials that stand up to the heat of the valley sun and look amazing even 30 years down the road. Trust the Rhino with the little things, the details that make your home stand out from the "cookie cutter" type common exteriors. From your home's foundation, to it's chimney cap, the Rhino has your back.
Concrete Slabs
Interior/Exterior Paint
Bath Remodels
Full Home Rehab Remodels
Turn Key Projects
Custom Cabinets and resurfacing
Countertops for every budget.
Flooring Tile, Laminate,Vinyl Plank & Carpet
Kitchen Remodels
Please note that if your do not see a service listed above that applies to your specific project, this doesn't mean we're not able to help. Call us to schedule a time to go over your special project and let's see what can be done to fascilitate your needs.
Chances are We CAN help ,so let's find out!



No job is too large or small for our team! Rhino Construction & Remodeling staff are fast, efficient and conscientious! We don't make excuses, we just get consistent and exceptional results every time!
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